Energy Sector   

In recent times, establishment of important physical infrastructures, setting up of new power plants and the pace of industrialization in the country has slowed down due to energy supply shortage. The sluggish industrialization which has hindered development activities is apprehended to create a negative impact on employment and consequently on the people’s livelihood. This dismal state of energy sector has resulted from lack of initiatives and insufficient investment in the sector during the past years. Realizing the necessity for its improvement, the present government has indicated energy sector as a priority sector.


Current Position of Energy Sector   

At present, Bangladesh has energy supply from both renewable and nonrenewable sources, 38 percent of which comes from biomass. However, 75 percent of commercial energy is provided from natural gas. Currently, gas production per day is 2000 MMCF in our country. Use of imported oil accounts for the lion’s share of the rest of the energy requirement. Our annual requirement of fuel is approximately 3.7 million metric ton. Apart from natural gas and crude oil, coal is mainly used as fuel in the brick-fields and at the Boropukuria Thermal Power Plant. Moreover, power is also being generated by using solar home system in off grid areas. In addition there are some poultry and dairy farms in which bio-gas plants are being set up and with this energy, power can be generated and is also used for cooking. The amount of power generation from such plants is currently about 1 MW. Steps have been taken to generate electricity by Bio-Mass Gasification Method in the country. We also have a bright potential to produce electricity from wind and mini-hydro or wave-energy. Recently, solar power based irrigation pump has been used in a number of areas of the country. Its wide use will lessen the pressure on diesel and electricity.


Non-renewable energy  

The proven reserve of natural gas which is the principal source of nonrenewable energy of the country is gradually depleting. The supply of gas as a primary source of energy will be dried out soon if immediate steps are not taken for exploration of new gas fields and extraction therefrom. In the use of commercial energy, the notable ones include the following:


  • Natural gas

  • Oil from minerals and other sources

  • Coal and coal like substance

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG)

  • Natural Gas Liquid (NGL)

Renewable Energy  

In our country renewable energy such as biomass, solar power and wind power are being used since time immemorial. Especially in areas which are outside gas coverage, usage of biomass for cooking and solar power and wind for drying of different grains as well as clothes are known to all. However, we are still lagging far behind in the scientific use of such energy. Moreover, the use of renewable energy has become popular world wide in view of depleting reserve of non-renewable fossil fuel. Renewable energy is environment-friendly. At present, the different categories of renewable energy that are being used in limited ways in our country are as follows:


  • Hydro-electricity

  • Solar power generation using solar rays

  • Wind-mill power generation using wind power

  • Production of bio-gas using waste

  • Electricity produced by Biomass Gasification Method using wood, rice husk, etc.

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