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Mongla   Port   

Mongla Port is situated on the East Bank of Pussur River near the confluence of Pussur River and Mongla Nulla at Channel distance of 71 Nautical Miles from the Fairway Buoy situated (Lat. 21026.9` N. long. 890 34.4 E) in the Bay of Bengal.  

Mongla   Port  is basically a service as well as income oriented organization. The port provides facilities and services to the international shipping lines and other concerned agencies providing shore based facilities like jetties, godowns, cargo handling equipment and maintaining adeuate water depth in the channel as well as making provision for safe day and night shipping.  

Facilities :   The port is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Shipping. Mongla Port Authority is managed by a board which consists of Chairman and three other Berthing facilities: 2 ships at the jetty, 5 ships at mooring buoy and 7 ships at anchorage and including private jetties total 14 ships can take berth at a time. Besides there is wide scope of berthing of more ships in the anchorage.    

Facilities in the Channel:  Channel draft is 6.0 to 8.5 meter. For safe guidance of ship in the channel there are 21 lighted buoys (inner channel-3 buoys, outer anchorage- 16 buoys and fairway buoy-1) and 1 Beacon (at Hironpont). Max. length of  200 meter ships can cross the Pussur channel.   

Jetty/Warehouse/Yard facilities:  5 jetties (length 182.92 meter each), 4 transit sheds (4907 Sqm. each & total capacity in average  17932 M.ton), 2 warehouses (9815 Sqm.) each & total capacity in avr.15326 M.ton),120 refer plug points and 3 container yards (35752 TEUS at one stack).  

Electricity Facilities:  For constant supply of electricity there are 6 sub-stations and 5 power generating stations. Moreover, special facilities are provided for refer container from own generator of MPA.  

Vessels & Crafts:  3 Tug boats,  01 Fire fighting tug, 2 Pilot launch, 4 dispatch launch, 3 Survey launch, 4 Mooring boats, 1 Buoy Tender Vessel, 3 Self propelled water crafts, 2 Inspection launch,  1 Oil storage vessel, 2 ferry launch- total 26 vessels and crafts are ready for smooth functioning of Port.


Major Import & Export  

The port is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Shipping. Mongla Port Authority is managed by a board which consists of Chairman;  

Port Handle :  

Imports:  Food grain, Bulk cement, Clinker, Fertilizer, Machinery, Motor Vehicle, General cargo etc.

Exports:  Jute, Jute goods, Goods, Shrimp, Frozen food, General cargo etc.,



Development Project:  

Present government has given top priority for developing port facilities up to international standard. To develop the port 7 development projects have been undertaken at an estimated cost of Tk. 467.45 crore. A sum of Tk. 59.00 crore has been allocated in the ADP of 2010-2011. It is expected that after implementation of those projects port will be operated efficiently. Project wise description are as follows:


Procurement of Cargo Handling Equipment:   

For procuring cargo and container handling equipment the project has been undertaken at a cost of Tk. 22.97 crore. The project was approved on 04.11.2007. Under the project 2 Nos. Straddle Carrier, 2 Nos. Terminal Tractor and 2 nos. Container trailer has been procured and to procure 6 nos. Forklift truck  L.C has been opened on 19.09.2010.  Forklift trucks are expected to arrived at Mongla Port soon.


Navigational Aids to Mongla Port :  

To assist movement of sea-going vessels in the channel day and night  the project has been undertaken at a cost of Tk. 23.00 crore. The project was approved on 13.05.2008. Under this project 62 nos. buoys, 2nos. beacons, 6nos. light towers with lanterns and anchors will be procured and installed. To procure proposed navigational aids 3rd time tender was called on 09/03/2010 and opened on 01/04/2010. Activities of tender was  suspended by the Ministry of Shipping. Recently Ministry of Shipping has withdrawn  the suspension. New Project Director has been appointed and further activities of the project has been started. The project is scheduled to be completed by  June 2011.


Dredging at the Outer Bar in the Pussur Channel:  

The project has been undertaken to increase navigability at the Outer bar area of the Pussur Channel to facilitate entrance of more than 9 meter draft ships into Mongla Port area easily. The project at an estimated cost of Tk. 58.46 crore was prepared to dredge about 3.2 million cubic metre silt in the Outer Bar area. The project was approved by ECNEC on 27.09.2006. Under the project five times tender was floated, due to non receipt of any tender it was called for sixth time and only one tender was received, but the quoted price was about 91% above than the approved cost of the project. As per decision of ECNEC meeting RDPP of the project was prepared and  sent to the Planning Commission through Ministry of Shipping for approval. The project is under process of approval.


Dredging in the Harbour Channel of Mongla Port :  

To increase the navigability of the Harbour Channel of the Pussur River the project has been undertaken. The project has been approved on 30.03.2010 at a cost of Tk. 100.00 crore.  Under the project 4.196 million cum dredging will be done at different places in the Pussur Channel. After completion of Pre-qualification, tender for dredging works has been called on 18-10-2010 and will be opened on 15-12-2010. Implementation period of the project is 2010- 2011 to 2012-2013.

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